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sooo, i got a camera

got tired of borrowing my dads ancient turn of the century digital, especially since i'm designated photographer for my cousins this coming sunday. plus i cant find the (obsolete)cord i used to transfer the photos from his, so NEW CAMERA. 

and the first thing everyone does when they get a new toy? terrorize their roommates >xD

the bane of my existence, AKA: Ragz

Taki and Jynx, both of whom refuse to look at a camera >.>
and then i was banished, no one likes paparazzi T^T
so i terrorized my room!!!!

ya, it's scary....
as crazy as it looks, it's HIGHLY organized. i've yet to reach religiously organized(books and movies put in order) but that time will come. i've set up my lil library(not kidding. library) on the other side of the movie shelf, but i've yet to accumulate the energy to go dewey decimal on all those damn books -.-'

this is why i had no internet for a week or so. i was moving all this stuff into dis teeny room, exploring boxes that had been packed for nearly a decade, and then had to get wireless for my tower..
but i found all sorts of neat stuff~

it's a mini iron stove!! it's old as dirt too. even still had the silly fake flowers i stuck in the exhaust pipe as a kid xD

unearthed my figures too, and made them skinny lil shelves to hold the ridiculous amount of them.

alright, enough of that tomfoolery here's some stuff i've actually produced since last time (which isnt much, sry >_>)

i was requested to paint d&d figures. >_< they. are. tiny.

and that's all i've done.......stupid faire season.oh! i took a pic as we were building, with my shitty phone, meh.

this is what will be the food court. doesnt look like much yet.

but if anyone is interested, i can take photos while faire is open, since i wont have much opportunity for art.
we get some crazy people and have all kinds of hijinks.

i swear. there was somethin else i wanted to share..
...ah! lol. ahem, i discovered why my screenname is 'whensdayaddams' 90% of the time.

the only picture in existence of that halloween.
my dad despised my hair being black, i think he destroyed all photos....
but anyways, LAWL. i even found that damn sweater too :'D



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