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i still draw, promise!



I have the day off,
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So this post has nothing fandom wise really.
I think there is some slight One Piece and How to train Your Dragon geek in here, but nothing awesome.

dump, la dump

Alrighty then, finally had time to post everything. There's a bunch in this entry, so for those of you who would rather just see what you came here for, follow the index..though you are completely welcome to peruse it all ^-^

pt1: Kuroshitsuji
pt2: One Piece
pt3: random(disney, irl people)

oh, and as always, clicking the drawings will take you to the better viewing at DA

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Alex's turn!!
      sry I didn't draw you anything T^T, but I wondered if you were still curious about California? If so, I dug though photo albums when I was down for the count, and found some good shots of different Californy places ^^

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and also, I found some demotivationals I thought you might get a kick out of. I didn't want to spam your facebook with them, plus you don't venture there often, so I'll put them here.
They're all Kuro.
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kks, on to other fandoms!

pt2:One Piece
 The pic wont fit here, so click the icon to be linked. Sorry for bouncing you around.

pt3: chaos, drawings and rambling...
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kks! I'm off to bed now

fanfic art...